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“When SAW came out it was so fresh and brutal. A true classic. It’s such a shame the sequels have diluted that original impact”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. GaryO

    I must be the only guy who finds the “wink wink / nudge nudge” of Saw IV+ to be rewarding. The film knows it can’t keep up with itself, with the expectation, so it throws logic away for an admittedly convoluted plot but gives way for some hilarious (is it wrong to say I laughed) death scenes and traps… The original saw was more effective because of the limited budget, that whole “less is more” ideology… more focus and more mystery… the self-satire of the latter films can be rewarding as long as you take it for what it is. I actually watch this series in reverse just so I can enjoy the mindless ones for what they are rather than reaching for plot or motivation… that way I am less disappointed. But hey, that’s me. 😉