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“The Exorcist is ahead of its time, even more relevant now because it confirms how unimaginative, unthreatening and predictable high financed productions really are today”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Richard Bell

    Still the most unsettling, stylish and beautifully acted horror movie of all time. The fact that a child masturbating with a religious artefact passed the censors in 1973, highlights the reverence for the subject matter. Bleeding Critic’s expertise and astute commentary on the movie has caught the attention of the great Billy Friedkin himself. In my view, it can never be surpassed.

  2. Atiyab Zafar

    The best horror movie to create a tension and a foreboding atmosphere, The Exorcist is one of the most chilling movie watching experience I ever had. The movie was way way ahead of its time, but thats why it worked and shocked so well, check out my article on the hysteria it caused and the subsequent analysis of the movie