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“This is an irritating film that should be re named ‘Canesten’ which is a medicated lotion for an irritating vagina”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. DarkWorks Entertainment L.L.C.

    Hahahahaha!!! Thank you for another brilliant review and telling it like it is. “The Last Temptation of Christ..'” Yeah, of course, I don’t believe in that myth of Christ and each to his own. I watched that movie and came out of the theater with a headache and asked myself, ” How in the hell can anyone possibly enjoy this?”

    I should have stabbed the ticket clerk smirking at me as I was one of the first ones out of the damned door as I bolted out to the car. I really should have stabbed him repeatedly through the heart and lungs in a vicious spasm of murder. Instead, I only paused long enough to give him the finger and waited for his reaction which was priceless.

    A few months later, the authorities found the remains of a man that was in a trunk of a derelict sedan before being crushed. Oddly, he was dressed in his theater uniform that made the scene even more ghastly for the First Responders and the Tucson Homicide Division.

    Unfortunately, so I am told, the trail ended there and his face was taken down the “Missing People” poster at Wal-Mart. I remember how sad the graveside funeral service was as I stood in the distance observing. Three people showed up and I hazard a guess, his weeping mother in black, his father holding her, and some younger woman that turned out to be his sister to my wonderful surprise…

    Oh, I digress…

    I like Defoe’s work in general but I wonder if he is smoking crack once again when he decides on a script such as this?

  2. Eerika

    I actually liked this film but then again I have a love for Lars von Trier’s work. This one had its moments but I found it a disturbing ride at the time. I wouldn’t watch it again unlike House of a Thousand Corpses