3.3Good effort
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“The first thing I noticed with this 2016 sequel is the fantastic sound throughout”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. ScareScapes™

    I saw the original Blair Witch Project after exhausting the online materials presented on the film’s website. Thanks to the investigative tapes, interviews and written myths of Elly Kedward, I understood the meaning of the symbols, the handprints, Coffin Rock references and the taking of a child by a woman in the river. I came out of the theater with my friends physically ill because of the shaky-cam, but the effect was solid. Then came the Blair Witch PC games, which explored the various angles of the witch in time. Then the sequel which I thoroughly enjoyed and still do to this day. All of this has a point, I promise. The benefit of having this history with the franchise allowed me to complete understand all of the references and fear the symbols. The downside is that none of the plot in this sequel was a surprise. No matter, the thin story was masterfully clothed by the actors who built the slowly rising terror. The editing was superb in that the tension became a terror-train that seemed to roar into the station without brakes. Even better, we get to see enough in the finale to spook us right into our seats. If I was a twenty-something and I hadn’t seen the previous films nor explored the stories online, the plot may not have rescued their expectations. THE WITCH had me thinking about the story and symbolism for days…BLAIR WITCH just doesn’t have that depth. Overall though, I was glad to be able to see it on the big screen.

  2. Richard Bell

    Adam Wyngard has made a very decent movie with exceptional use of sound. The Blair Witch tied up some loose ends from the original movie. I cared less about the characters in this movie than the original and the last girl standing formula has worn thin. Overall, it was an enjoyable watch.

  3. Corey L

    Your video review is spot on. I went opening weekend and couldn’t wait because I was 18 years old,fresh out of high school and then this “Blair Witch Project” came out of nowhere. It had you gripped in your seat from beginning to end, thus entering in an entire new genre of film making with found footage. Needless to say you say the sound is great in this new version, that tells me I hope you think the sound was great in the original, on original equipment. Just the sounds in the first film where they are in they’re tents and you begin to hear growling, then babies and children laughing, it literally made you say “WTF?!”. The new film I really like Adam, he has come along way and I’m sure it wasn’t easy getting to that point of being the director of a new Blair Witch, he will have much more success in the future, but this film suffered from the “expectation”. The quick “I look over here, then turn my head and BANG, it’s an actor in my face after the other actor was just screaming out their name. The jump scares are filler, the final 20 minutes of this film are superb, it’s just a shame that it couldn’t have started from the get go. Overall a 7/10