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“There’s a few good ideas included in this film,it’s well produced and looks great, but it’s let down by some terrible acting”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Susan Leighton

    I have to say this reminded me of the psychological thrillers of the past like Roman Polanski, etc. The foreshadowing with the praying mantis had me thinking that at some point, she was going to kill her husband. Then total game changer when it turned out he had designs on murdering her. But the end was not expected!
    What I enjoyed was the fact that you had to think about this film. The script, in my opinion was well written. You are correct, the acting could have been better but for a short, it was not shot in an amateurish way. However, the camera work when they were running through the woods seemed to be lifted from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead.