A remake of PREDATOR. I wouldn’t be surprised if the money-men that gave the green-light have never actually watched the original. – bc

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  1. crashpalace (@crashpalace)

    Sorry to disagree, dear BC, but they’ve definitely seen the original. They know it’s a sure thing, hence the remake. They simply want to cash in because Hollywood is about return on investment (ROI), never art. Plus, they’re hoping a new generation of moviegoers aren’t smart enough to know that an original even exists.

    This is why Hollywood hasn’t purchased a multitude of original scripts since the economy collapsed. Instead of taking chances, they’d rather rehash and repackage to play it safe – and keep that money machine rolling.

  2. Michael

    They left themselves plenty of room after Predators to keep moving forward and make something new. Sure money will always win over risk taking originality I guess. Hail to the remakes…


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