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  1. DarkWorks Entertainment L.L.C.

    I cannot say enough about your new introductions into the video. Call me insane, but I laugh and giggle all the time. Great quality, great lighting, and the ambience to die for. Though, I know someone did die. May the body-count continue….

    Naturally, I agree with everything said here. Sage advice, really. Anyone in the business of great content should never entertain the hubris of these free-loading-skanks that should receive a wonderful disembowelment in some dark alleyway.

    I wrote much earlier today on Facebook about these very people you have mentioned with some positive feedback from friends here and across the pond.

    Yes, I think I will don my clear plastic body suit and in a murderous rage, dismember, and bring a whole new definition of suffering upon them. Never to worry, my dear friend — It will be slow and methodically deep.


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