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“Stephen King writes endlessly about Alcoholics Anonymous and drunkenness to the point you’ll want a drink”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. ScareScapes

    Good review. I was mostly entertained by the book. I had problems with the AA angle not posing a threat when the shit was really down. I mean, if your world gets threatened by “steam” sucking monsters, wouldn’t you want a drink? King totally dodges this stressor that he spent so much time creating in the story. The Abra/Daniel connection I gave some leeway because of the “shining” rarity. But really? Empire Strikes Back comes to mind. The predictability of the scenarios made me put the book down a couple of times, but I finished this one in a few days. I believe a gave this book a star or two more than today on Goodreads, but your review brings up some salient points worth considering. I did read the original Shining just before starting Doctor Sleep, so I had the seamless understanding of the scant references King adds to this sequel. The elements where the True Knot used their supernatural abilities to track Abra was interesting and created some real tension. Ultimately, I didn’t hate the book. But I was hoping for something connected to the Overlook to come after him for escaping. Maybe next time.