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  1. DarkWorks Entertainment L.L.C.

    Another very fair assessment and again, you always seem to bring out the positive in a project you review with some exception(s) like the new “Carrie” and the heartbreak travesty there. You’re open letter in which you shared, in my humble opinion is more than justified. Can you image if those responsible had to answer to the monumental avalanche of letters demanding their money back or worse yet, demanding some far more nefarious?

    I gave up on Stephen King many years ago shortly after “Needful Things” and the unrealized and ill-though out premise from “Dreamcatcher” that in his own way took from the Alien Franchise a bit.

    Stephen King in real life never had much of a chance to know his dad. He was raised by his mother. This hemorrhages through the pages of this book and the father figure amiss in many of his story reflecting a family unit or the lack there of and this doesn’t surprise me.

    In all honesty, I believe Stephen King’s best works are behind him and perhaps he should seriously begin to think of hanging it all up. I mean, after all, he was certainly at one time at the top of his game. In recent news via his attacks and ill thought out unsolicited responses to the woman who was a 13 or 14 girl raped by a director friend of his who had fled America and remained in Switzerland only compounded his guilt to escape extradition and prosecution. Stephen certainly not knowing the facts, the details, the evidence, but dismisses this in defending his pal by poising the well of the hideous crime and her suffering. In this public act did two things, 1. showed him what kind of a fucking creep he is as a human being, and 2. No compassion for the victim and those like her.

    I made it a rule long time ago to never speak ill of another writer based upon their work. Stephen overreached whatever influence he thought he had and entered an all new realm that is nothing less than horrifying. Large portions of his following, sponsorship, and friends left him. He surely must have felt the draft. To me with all that he viciously said told me he is adversely different and undermining any good nature projections he has. His own publicist resigned that very day.

    Let me back up slightly and explain. In recent news, this vicious statement given on Twitter blew up in his face and his attempt of an apology of blaming this on his lack of use of the social media as the cause of what he said is called, rationalization and in this atrocious despicable act, of blaming while offering a “left-handed” apology is most pathetic. When someone says they’re sorry and use the word, “but” right behind it, English tells us that the use of such a word in context negates anything said before it. He knows this, he has to or he should go back to school and get his money back.

    He is his own worst nemesis on Twitter and other social networks. Child pornography and rape is never something we should as a society can condone. Stephen admitted he didn’t know all the facts, but yet he voiced his ill and publically damning statement or tweet. It made the news, his count of supporters on Twitter dropped. I even wrote a tweet to him, a very powerful yet unanswered tweet calling him the “Mel Gibson” of the Horror Genre. He may have not responded, and I knew that he would not since he truly does miss a spine and his true colors of a filthy monster residing with ill-reason and flawed thinking has proven.

    Anyone that remotely defends and public shames victims of such hideous crimes is automatically suspect in my mind — Take that for whatever you like, my friend.

    I cannot condone people sympathetic to child molesters no matter who they are and to go half cocked on a social network attacking the victim is something I would have pretty much thought that Stephen would have had the common sense that his God would have given to a common dog and keep his fucking goddamned mouth shut. Never to worry, I am writing this, and all of this I have sent to him already without so much as a fucking peep, threat of a slanderous lawsuit or defamation of character. Kind of hard to sue me when an over-preponderance of truth shows it came directly and quoted by you.

    My feelings aside of this hideous and vile travesty, Stephen has over reached his limited common sense and shows that he really isn’t compassionate towards the less fortunate outside the things he has done as a tax write-off in his community. There is so much more in humanity Mr King than tax breaks and defending the wicked-hearted criminals.

    You have sicken my heart and tainted every great thing you have ever tried to accomplish. If I never hear another word from you Mr. King, it truly would be too soon.

    Douglas S. Taylor


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