‘bleedingcritic!! Who is he? No one knows his true identity.
Many have sought this knowledge only to perish in his abattoir. He hides his face behind a goulish mask, but those that have peeked and have looked upon his face , have suffered a fate worse than death, if that mercy has not been granted.
     I have searched high and low to find out who this mystery man is, if he be a man at all. The only clue i have managed to obtain is that he was born in 1898. The source is unreliable as it was written by the man himself in a tweet. I feel that it is a red herring to throw us off the scent.
     No one is safe. Once he has hold of your soul, you are doomed. The only way to save yourself is to follow him on twitter and log on to bleedingfilms.com voluntarily. For if he has to seek you out, mercy will escape you.




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