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“THE WITCH isn’t the usual in your face, predictable fast-food horror. The effort & detail that’s gone into this production demands your respect”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Richard Bell

    Another astute assessment by BC. When I watched this movie, I was transported back to the days where I was frozen to the seat. The sound (discordant voices) is genuinely chilling and the painstaking attention to detail gives the feeling of almost watching a documentary from that time. I honestly wanted more time with Black Philip and to see an awful manifestation before the end but Robert Eggers generously allowed my imagination to do just that. A master class in suspense and terror. I look forward to more work by Robert Eggers.

  2. Amanda

    The Witch is story-telling at its very best and I mean that not only in terms of the writing but also of the acting. I haven’t seen a film like this in a very long time – in fact I was transported back to high school when I read The Crucible.

  3. DavidK

    I appreciate the slow build to terror. All of the previous comments nail it. I would add that the few sources of light give this a classic look. At certain moments in the film, seemingly singular light sources actually mold evil into the actor’s face. Eggers’ attention to detail alone merits high praise. One of my favorite horror films, ROSEMARY’S BABY has always stuck with me because of the paranoia and sense that one can be a victim of evil. VVITCH will do the same.

  4. Christopher Tiske

    I found this movie to be WAY TOO SLOW! It bored me to tears! This was more of a suspense to me than a horror. Then again, I’m pretty picky and choosy, and hardcore, when it comes to rating horror films. I gave this flick a 53%

  5. Kim McIntyre

    As a student of history, art and culture and language, I really loved this film. Some of the scenes were reminiscent of old wood cuts of witches at their various cabals. I was unused to the dim lighting, but after a bit, it made more and more sense to me. And the chill and damp of the place, the actors looked uncomfortable, and that seemed quite correct. Loved this film.

  6. Littlelottie99

    As a student of Archaeology I was fascinated to see the historical accuracy of the harshness of day to day living for the settlers in the New World. The bleak harshness and religious zeal of the time is so strongly felt and demonstrated it gives the viewer an unsettling discomfort that things are not going to end well. I found the fate of the baby particularly uncomfortable to watch and I did want to smack the twins. The woods themselves felt like the evil monster looming over the family. Some of the visuals and shots were simply beautiful almost like a painting. I did not enjoy the discomfort the film make me feel but it is a truly beautiful piece of filmmaking