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“I was aware of the huge success of THE WALKING DEAD and with most things that everyone goes crazy for, I just turn the other way and look for something under the usual radar”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Ron Shaw

    BC, I’d say we watch about 90% of all the horror and other genres films/movies/series that fly under the radar, and about 85% of these are a disappointment
    It’s refreshing indeed when someone gets it right, like THE WALKING DEAD series. If you were to compare TWD to FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, you’d see exactly what I’m saying.
    When we do find a plum amongst the debris, it tastes so much sweeter.

    • Christopher Tiske

      Try watching Baskin. I bet that wont be a disappointment at all.

  2. DavidK

    Welcome aboard The Walking Dead family. I’ve watched all 6 seasons as well, and the character arcs are amazing. There’s a lot of character mourning involved in this story and I’ve had my share of disbelief at the choices made. Ultimately, the show is riveting and addictive. The Terminus episodes were brutal and set TWD in a special place of honor for horror lovers. There are plot devices that are utilized that I don’t appreciate – like having Rick injured in one episode, only to be glossed over in the next, when such an injury should cause at least some worry about infection. It’s happened more than once to my seething dismay, but I still find myself coming back for more. I found the last situation in the season 6 finale unbelievable for Daryl, simply because his character should have known better after all the experience at hunting and surviving. But Neegan needed his entrance and now he’s got it. You better believe that the viewing numbers for October’s season episode are going to be off-the-charts. I know I’ll be watching.

  3. Payton Kane

    Well, done. Marvelous! I love The Walking Dead as well, still watching it.

  4. Christopher Tiske

    I will admit, I love the show. No doubt about that. Maybe I just expect a little much from horror movies. I’m a horror freak! The Walking Dead sits good in my books, but it’s too slow for me. I’m into that hard-core demon/black mass/monster stuff. Clowns are good to. I love the show though. I gave it a 70% as for a reflection of horror, not on likeness.