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“Starry Eyes is far better than some of the predictable, lazy horror films you’ve seen lately”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Strait81

    Can’t agree more. Underrated movie just like Honeymoon.

  2. Vivid Mind

    Hi Bleeding Critic, I watch a lot of horror films and ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘May’ are two on my list to view in the near future as I haven’t seen those yet. Thanks for the review of them here and your honest and brilliant words of wisdom regarding the plots, acting ability and your in-depth observations about them because you inject anticipation and enthusiasm into your reviews for potential viewers and, based on your straight-to-the-point thoughts, I then make an informed decision as to whether I want to watch a film, or not. You help horror film fans a lot and you work hard to promote the horror genre so much. Thank you. Have a great week. 🙂