3.1Not bad
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“There’s certainly some clever creepy stuff happening on-screen”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. Christian

    Check out The Invitation playing in NY and LA and amazon video streaming. A near perfect film of creepy dread a 90 on Rotten Tomato it’s what It Follows just misses,

  2. Christopher Tiske

    Ok, I give up to the fact that it was creepy. I just can’t get over the idea of the sex gimmick involved with the entity following the main character. I just can’t help feel that the idea was ripped away from “Teeth.” Even “Teeth” – I think – was a remake, but I could be wrong. So, a no go on originality. As far as creepy, the story-line was okay, and yes, it’s agreed that the ending sucked hairy bean bag. I also think they should’ve put more time into the entity. From what I got out of it, is the entity had something to do with love, since it only takes shape of the people you care about ( WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE OLD LADY) I’m not sure what happened at the end, I think I spoiled enough already. I gave this a 50%. Remember guys, I’m only rating things out of a horror perspective. This movie is really creepy, AND IS WORTH A WATCH. I rated it a 50% horror flick.