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“It’s worrying that porn mixed with brutality used in a film with no creative merit can be so popular”

Bleeding Critic

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  1. DarkWorks Entertainment L.L.C.

    “I must warn you the rape scene is absolutely vile and made worse because it’s hardcore assault porn. It’s worrying that porn and brutality used in a film with no creative intelligent merit can be popular.” Bleedingfilms.

    I just had a friend of mine, a psychiatrist come over today for a few minutes discussing my latest work between a psychopath and a sociopath. I then took her down a very dark path were I asked her to read, “Boy in the Box” on which it is, in respects, based upon my own childhood, and therefore, these elements true.

    The only people who will gain personal gratification from movies such as this porn/snuff/horror flick are the sadists. This is why movies like this are so appalling to the intellectual mind. Is it possible to be an intellectual sadist?

    In my experience the answer is an obvious no, not in general. Most sadists are the lowest scum on the planet. Sadistically behavior is predatorily in nature. They love to make someone or a group of people suffer sexually, physically, and emotionally to break their victim down.

    This movie is not something I would ever watch, I would actually preferred to be burned at the stake than to suffer another moment in a world such as this ill-fated though made popular only by the sadist community and thusly your answer to your question above.

    Movies such as this can only be able to make money in succession by an audience willing to support it. Sadists are everywhere and these traits are in psychopathic and sociopathic minds. There really isn’t such a defined box to categorize these kinds of mental disorders — They are indeed, mental disorders of a mind that is predatory in nature that leads me to my own personal experiences and resolution — Kill them off. Execute the rapists, child molesters, serial killers, and sadists alike.

    There is no medical or psychiatric treatment to cure or even hope to cure people such as these actors portrayed.

    Now the heart of this matter and my legal thoughts aside. If I were to be stuck at a theater darken and unnoticed, I would be watching the reactions of the audience rather than this hubris unfolding in empty dialog than numbs the intelligent brain. I would see and pay close attention to the reactions. Most people, most normal people would be appalled, repulsed, and in some measure disturbed on what they were seeing. In doing this, you would uncover the sadists in the audience and it is these villainous scum to mark and watch out for — Or in my case, my next victim.

    However, for the normal folks, a movie like this is something you would not dare to find in their horror collection.

    Your friend,
    Douglas S. Taylor