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  1. DarkWorks Entertainment L.L.C.

    This is one of my most favorite paranormal movies. I don’t want to let too much out, but I had a discussion with my peers that all are above the age of 50. Many positive things were said, the tension, the absence of over-the-top cgi, the imagination, and the terror in one’s own mind. The story was the first of its kind and with the pace constant throughout the entire movie kept a person keen on the screen. George C. Scott was a brilliant actor and he alone could suspend the feeling of disbelief in any of his characters ever played boosting the level in quality throughout any of his projects.

    I feel that I have no need to list all of his roles or movies.

    Too many times we have heard directors, other actors, and actresses who worked with him has caused them to raise the bar of their professionalism and thusly giving to us a much better movie imagined. Scott has done this not by his arrogance, self-delusion of grandeur, but of hard work, and absorbing himself into the character or the various dynamic roles he played in. His charismatic and professionalism to his art heavily impacted those around him all for the better.

    This movie was one of the first movies to leave a mark upon my darker creative portions of my brain that has lasted decades since its making. There are only a few movies that can do that. There are so many movies since that I have forgotten I seen, and some I wish to never have seen as well.

    George C. Scott; what more can I say?

    Your friend,
    Douglas S. Taylor and yes, I own this movie.


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